Poise & Elegance with Eliza DeLite

As a part of Slavic Burlesque Festival 2016 we are inviting you to take part in:

Poise & Elegance with Eliza DeLite

This workshop combines the interpretation of music into movement and the skill of poise. 
In this workshop you will learn about body positioning, poise through movement (delicacy of hands etc). Learn to move fluidly across the space and to listen to the different qualities of the music through a series of games and technique exercises, and with the use of some printed reference materials (old follies & burlesque pictures) - the workshop then culminates in the students learning a simple routine which includes them creating a posed tableau. 

Students will need to wear comfortable clothing such as leggings, t-shirts, leotards, shorts and bring comfortable low heeled shoes (no platform or stiletto shoes). Students should also bring a paperback book. There will be merchandise for sale, so they may wish to bring money for this.

MDK MIńsk Mazowiecki
ul. Warszawska 173
fee: 150 pln/35 Euro
If you want to take part write: pinupcandy@wp.pl

Check our fan page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/slavicburlesquefest/

4 komentarze:

  1. Would this workshop be in any way appropriate for a person who hasn't tried burlesque before?

    1. Tak, może to być dobry wstęp do przygody z burleską!